For couples

The initial session must be scheduled for 2 hours. Subsequent sessions (if necessary) may be 2 hours until appropriate to step down to 1 hour.

For individuals

The initial session should be 60 minutes unless Silvy indicates needing longer time (up to 90 minutes).


Silvy Khoucasian obtained her Master’s Degree in Psychology from the MFT program at Phillips Graduate Institute in Chatsworth, California.

She received her Bachelors Degree in Sociology from the University of Santa Barbara, California.

Silvy has always been fascinated by culture and has extensively studied the way human beings behave in group settings.

Being an immigrant herself, Silvy has personally experienced how much culture plays a huge part in the roles we take on both in society as well as in our own family system.

She incorporates that knowledge of culture to help clients understand their unique roles and how those roles affect their choices both in relationships and in their every day decisions.

Silvy has worked tremendously within the family systems dynamic and utilizes attachment styles both in her teachings and when she is practicing therapy with individual and couples.

Silvy also has a long history in the Theatrical Arts.

She has witnessed immense healing through the art of performance and role play.

She uses drama therapy to help clients discover parts of themselves; parts that are difficult to access or that may have been suppressed for various reasons.

The artistic approach becomes a safe, playful and deeply healing platform for clients to discover and try on lost parts of themselves and thus reclaim them in a more healthy and meaningful way.